Beat Other Racers and Become the King of the Asphalt – Real Bike Racing

Beat Other Racers and Become the King of the Asphalt – Real Bike Racing

Real Bike Racing is THE must-play bike racing game for all racers, whether they are followers of car or motorcycle racing. Start your engines and feel like you’re in a motorcycle Grand Prix. Experience the thrill of racing against competitors on similar machines running on the fury of 200-HP engines, without actually having to risk your lives – if you know what we mean.

Trade paint with some of the best model racing motorcycles in the world. Compete with other racers, and win the world championship. Fuel your adrenaline for racing and embrace the action. Ride your way to the top, and take the quickest way to get there – the fastest, most dangerous lane on the race track!

Get Behind the Handlebars of Different Motorbikes

The Kawasakis and the Hondas of the world have got nothing on you. Race using different types of superbikes. Each of these superbikes in Real Bike Racing has different strengths and weaknesses. You have to learn to balance these to make the ultimate effort – are you going to be a speed type of racer, or are you going to take the chance and grab the race at the most opportune of moments? Choosing the correct motorcycle for your style is key, then.

Enjoy the Legit Racing Experience
Racing in this game takes a truly different tone. Want to see how you’re leaving your opponents in the dust? Then look at them through the full-functioning rearview mirrors. You also need to know when to turn or not? Observe your speed gauge and make the correct decision. There is a lot that goes into racing, and you’re going to feel like you’re actually in the race by observing the different properties as they react.

Enhanced Graphics Makes you Feel Like You’re In the Race

Feel like you’re really in the race with the graphics and motion animation in the game. Feel the motorcycles through the 3D supported, real-racing presentation. Each tire, each cover, even the race tracks have been rendered in 3D. Try the VR mode, if you think you need some more of that adrenaline rush. Don’t be left behind, though, or you’re going to enjoy that 3D looking at the rear tires and the smoke of your opponent’s winning motorcycle.

VR-Mode Support for In-Your-Face Racing
Race in VR-mode! Real Bike Racing isn’t a game if not for the VR mode. The game fully supports VR-headsets, with Google Cardboard as a particularly perfect reason. You’re going to love seeing how you overtake your opponents in real 3D.

More developments are being planned for this game. The performance is good overall, but as with any mobile game, there are updates that they are continuing to do. Levels are being worked on and added to the game eventually. These updates are to address issues such as levels being too limited and the controls facing limitations. It’s not that hard to win these races – all you need to have is the right combination of speed and the right reaction. Download Real Bike Racing now to find out why people are raving about it!