Love Balls – A Review of the Simple, Open-Ended Puzzle-Solver

Love Balls is a quite peculiar and perky game to come out now. Out of all the different games – PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, and Among Us combined – it kind of looks like this game is an out-of-the-blue unique game in its simplicity. “Don’t judge the book by its cover,” they say, so here’s an honest look into the game, and what it might potentially be

A Romance between Balls – A Very Strange Subject

The game is about two ‘balls’ that are separated from each other. Quite the Romeo and Juliet story, your job is to make sure that they meet with each other. While you’ll see romance all around, you won’t usually see it in mobile games. The romance between balls is a unique concept. What makes it even more unique is the fact that it’s a game about letting these objects meet and it’s on a platform it doesn’t usually make an appearance on.

The Game – What You Need to Do

While romance is the undergoing theme here, it is still a game. You need to “connect the dots” – or balls – one a light blue ‘male’ dot, and the other a pink ‘female’. You’ll need to create them a landscape to get together, though, and that’s the main aim of this game. It starts with a bare environment; you need to essentially draw the line to let them get together. Yes, you have to literally draw a line, letting gravity do the work, and make these dots meet each other.

Simple But A Mind Teaser

At first glance and at the first taste of the gameplay, you’ll think that it’s too simple. To solve the puzzle is anything but, however. The drawing of a way to get the male and female dots together is simple. Thinking of a way to get then to connect with each other, that’s a different thing altogether. There are different environments and these have rules. You have to figure out the way for these dots to meet while respecting the rules of these environments. You have to get your brain thinking.

The Bad of it All – Microtransactions

It seems that this game is just a dream – something simple enough that doesn’t distract you, but enough of a challenge to hold you down during your work breaks. Love Balls is that, but then, transactions rear its ugly head in – there is always something in the form of making you buy somewhere on the page, lurking, waiting for you to tap on it when you least expect it. It will also make a commercial appear straight out of nowhere while you’re thinking of what to do for the next round.

Of course, there is the fact that you can completely forego seeing these ads. The bad thing is you need to pay for that too. While it is a nice app, it’s also a little questionable if you really need to pay the $3.99 price for it to go away. There are still a lot of updates, but you do need to think if you can pay for the ads to go away now rather than later.

So that’s it, an app that’s between dots or balls, whatever you prefer, and you need to make sure that you’re going to get them together. It’s completely free-to-play, but you can remove ads by paying for it. The biggest thing here is to decide if you’ll pay for it to get the ads off, or you can also skip it until the ads are lessened further. The choice is ultimately yours.