Smash, Bounce, and Bump on Platforms in Stack Ball – Blast Through Platforms

Smash, Bounce, and Bump on Platforms in Stack Ball – Blast Through Platforms

Got some idle time on your hands with nothing to do? In a time before gaming on phones, there was something called “crosswords” or even paper games using pen and paper. There are, during these days, games which replaced these newspaper games. One such game, Stack Ball, presents a ball crashing through platforms in a 3D arcade environment. Players can smash through platforms, bump on them if they are looking for ways through and bounce their way to finding breakthroughs.

Is this game that simple? Take a look at its different features, and see if the game is something you’d pick up during your idle time resting and taking a break.

If You’re Thinking it’s All Fun and Games…

It’s not. Stack Ball lets you think, even if just for a little bit. Picture this: smashing through platforms can be fun, but not with obstacles in the way. Players have to find a way through these platforms and smash through them – that’s the premise of the whole game. But there are also black platforms which, if hit, will get you to the land called ‘Game Over.’

There are ways to get through this, however. One way is through a power-up that transforms the ball into a burning fireball. Platforms are no match for such a feat. Players can also choose from different movements or power-ups – either they speed up for maximum velocity, or they roll and jump with deliberate slowdowns, just to get through the platforms they can breakthrough.

Lightspeed to the Next Stage

Idle as it is, this game can also be one of the fastest to finish, depending on your mood and how you play the game. With each stage, all players have to do is smash platforms, avoiding the black ones until they reach the end. Each stage makes it harder to avoid those black platforms, of course. The truly skilled players could, theoretically, finish the game in a flash by devising different tactics and ways to make it easier.

Enjoy Finishing the Game with Vibrant Graphics

Stack Ball is one of the more vibrant games available today with its brilliant use of stunning graphics. It truly makes its use of the graphics on the platforms it is available for. Would you rather play an idle game with bland graphics or the one with the visually captivating colors? Yep, we thought so. You’d go for the more stunning colors and the one that uses the game engine excellently.